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To suddenly lose a dental crown can be unexpected and certainly alarming. But be assured there is nothing to get panicked. There could be various reasons as to why such an incident occurred like chewing of solid foods which break down the bonding or tooth decay which could have weakened the tooth foundation to deteriorate.


We recommend some of the important steps to be taken if the crown falls out. It is very important to get the dental crown procedure redone so that there are the least amount of chances of food debris getting into your tooth and causing bacteria and decay. Furthermore, if uncared for could lead to various other problems with gums and teeth.

Steps to care for a fallen dental crown

Here are some of the steps we recommend below:

Step 1: The Moment the Crown Falls Off

Once you realize the crown has fallen off, immediately remove it from your mouth so that you don’t accidentally swallow it. If by any chance, you realize it after you have swallowed it, there is nothing to worry as it usually passes without any issues.


Important note: Don’t breathe in the crown, it can cause you to choke and result in complicated health issues.

Step 2: Book an Appointment with your Dentist

After the crown has fallen off, call your dentist and take the earliest possible appointment available. Mostly for emergency cases, there is time set aside apart from the regular schedule, but if due to some circumstances you cannot visit the dentist, we recommend the below-mentioned steps to be followed.


Step 3: Protecting the Tooth

It is vital to take care of your tooth until the time you don’t visit the dentist. The temporary solution is to clean the tooth, coat it with dental cement (easily accessible at the drug store) and protect it from bacteria entering. The other option is to have a mold over the tooth by using dental wax which is also easily available at the drug store.


Please note that these are not permanent solutions and are meant to just seal and protect the tooth before you go to your dentist.

Step 4: Oral Hygiene

It is highly recommended to practice good oral hygiene especially when the interior of a tooth is exposed out and your dental crown has fallen off. Regularly brush your teeth after meals and don’t brush too harshly. As an extra precaution, you can also rinse your mouth with warm salt water after meals.


Step 5: Pain or Sensitivity

When a dental crown falls off you could experience pain and sensitivity during eating or drinking. The pain could range from being mild to strong. In such circumstances, clove oil can be applied to the tooth which could give you some relief from the pain and this can be found easily at the drug store.


Step 6: Avoid Specific Foods

These specific foods such as sweet food/drinks, solid to chew foods, extreme hot/cold food or drink and acidic or erosive food/drinks should be avoided before your dental crown can be replaced.


Whether or not the crown needs to be replaced, it is critical to have a professional examine your tooth. Contact our trained and friendly and professional team to treat for a dental crown in Austin, Texas.

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