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Is Wisdom Tooth Removal at Westlake Family Dental Care Necessary?

There’s always a debate whether you must opt for wisdom tooth removal or not. At Westlake family dental care, the Westlake dentists often suggest wisdom tooth removal surgery as the last alternative. However, if the patient is keen on wisdom tooth extraction, we recommend removing the third molars as it erupts. During this time, it is smooth and less painful as the gums around the third molars are soft.

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Many of us have eagerly waited for the wisdom tooth to appear in the jawline as it is a sign of adulthood. There is a popular myth behind the third molar that it brings wisdom to the person when it erupts. Hence, it is known as wisdom tooth. Well, it is partially true if you look at the logic behind it.

Third molars start appearing between the age of 17 and 21 years. It generally erupts when you are exiting your teens and entering the twenties. It is the time when you are leaping maturity from teenage.


Wisdom Tooth Removal at Westlake Family Dental Care

Whether you gain wisdom or not, there are few unfortunate cases in Austin where individuals go through immense pain during the wisdom tooth occurrence.


Wisdom tooth is the last tooth in the jawline to emerge, and sometimes they are tilted sideways. The position of the wisdom tooth may not look risky but can be lethal in some cases. At Westlake family dental care, we handle hundreds of cases involving wisdom tooth every year. Due to lack of space in the jawline, the wisdom tooth doesn’t get enough and arise sideways causing pain and gum infection. If ignored for a longer time, the patient will find challenging to open mouth, speak, chew or drink, suffer from swollen gums, bad breath, and oral infection. Many of us don’t see this phenomenon dangerous, but if ignored completely, you might end up losing many teeth.

Before deciding to go for wisdom tooth removal surgery, it’s advisable to visit the dentist and get an oral examination done. Austin dentist at Westlake family dental care usually recommends wisdom tooth removal surgery if it is causing a lot of pain and discomfort in daily life.


Do you need Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery?

If you are jittery about the surgery, ask your Austin cosmetic dentist to explain the surgery step by step. If you have a habit of smoking or drinking, the dentist will ask you to avoid smoking and drinking for few weeks to prevent any side effects. Once you agree to go for the surgery, the Austin dentist will administer local anesthesia in the gum area, so the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the operation. Once the area gets numb, the Austin cosmetic dentist at Westlake family dental care will cut the jaw and remove the wisdom teeth.


The duration of operation depends on the wisdom teeth position. Austin Dentist will stitch up and give some medication to overcome the pain after the anesthesia wears off. The patient is advised not to rinse mouth for 24 hours, chew any hard food or spicy food, avoid caffeine, and consumption of cold or hot beverages. There might be some bleeding after surgery for which one can apply clean gaze. Usually, the stitches around the jaw are removed after a week, but the patient should follow the strict routine as the healing process takes time. Still, if you feel stiffness in the jaw or pain, t is in your best interest to consult the doctor to avoid any significant oral problem.

That’s it.

It is essential to go for regular dental checkups whether you have any dental problem or not. A visit to the Westlake family dental care ensures that you have healthy teeth and gums. For wisdom tooth pain, a qualified and experienced Austin cosmetic dentist will suggest better if you need wisdom tooth removal or not.


At AustinDentalCare, we have world-class dental professionals who can help you with all kinds of dental problems. Whether wisdom tooth removal, dental crown, TMJ treatment, or dental implants; you can find best solutions at the best Westlake family dental care.

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