The third molars in the very back of your mouth, also called wisdom teeth may not need to be necessarily removed if they are:

  • Healthy
  • Fully erupted
  • Positioned correctly and biting properly with their opposing teeth
  • Able to be cleaned normally as part of the daily dental hygiene process

If you need guidance on wisdom teeth removal Austin TX, talk to our wisdom teeth removal specialist, or visit our clinic today.

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Reasons to remove wisdom teeth

Many times, however, you might need wisdom teeth removal Austin TX, if they aren’t grown properly. Reasons to remove wisdom teeth could be-

  • Remain completely hidden within the gums. Unable to emerge normally, they become trapped (impacted) within your jaw. This could result in an infection or a cyst causing damage other teeth roots or bone support.
  • Emerge partially through the gums. Because this area is hard to see and clean, wisdom teeth that partially emerge create a passageway that can become a magnet for bacteria that cause gum disease and oral infection.
  • Crowd nearby teeth. If wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to come in properly, they may crowd or damage nearby teeth.

Some dentists in Austin recommend wisdom teeth removal Austin if they don’t fully emerge. Many dentists believe it’s better to remove wisdom teeth at a younger age, before the roots and bone are fully formed, and when recovery is generally faster after surgery. Other situations where wisdom teeth removal might be necessary are-

  • Repeated infection of soft tissue behind the lower last tooth
  • Tumors
  • Damage to nearby teeth
  • Extensive tooth decay

Wisdom Teeth Removal Austin TX- Before and After Surgery

You’ll meet with the wisdom teeth removal specialist to talk about the procedure and points such as:

  • Talk about health problems
  • Any medications
  • Ask any questions about the surgery.
  • Discuss what type of anesthesia you’ll have

After surgery, if you had a local anesthetic and feel alert, you might be able to drive home to begin your recovery. You might even be able to go back to work and resume daily work. If you had general anesthesia or still feel drowsy, ask someone to take you home. Most people experience little pain after surgery. Mild discomfort and swelling are normal. If you experience extreme problems, then contact your clinic immediately.


Wisdom teeth removal cost Austin

Simple wisdom teeth removal Austin TX can cost as little as $99 per tooth. wisdom teeth removal cost Austin for impacted teeth $230 and $340 and even more. Because costs vary in different areas of the country, contact your dentist or wisdom teeth removal specialist for their charges. You should also check with both your dental insurance and medical insurance provider. One or the other type of insurance may cover a portion of the wisdom teeth removal Austin TX cost.


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Wisdom teeth removal Austin is a pretty common procedure. If you want to know all about the reasons to remove wisdom teeth and the cost, then contact Austin Dental Care.

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